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Friday, June 16, 2017

For The Ultimate in a Barge Cruise...Go Ultra Deluxe

Dining salon aboard La Nouvelle Etoile

Passenger cabin aboard La Nouvelle Etoile

Demonstration kitchen aboard Prosperite
If you want to travel in luxury on one of the top barges in France, we suggest an Ultra Deluxe barge.
These days, barges are generally categorized into First Class, Deluxe and Ultra Deluxe accommodations. The most obvious difference aboard ultra deluxe barges are the size of the cabins and the amenities provided. Traveling in spacious quarters provides greater comfort and sitting areas, ultra deluxe barges also offer larger, roomier bathrooms with double sinks and some even have bathtubs.

Ultra deluxe barges cruise through different parts of Europe, and offer many itineraries, so it really depends on your interests. Some barges are charter only, which means that you must reserve the entire barge for your cruise, and others offer both individual booking and charter options. Chartering provides greater privacy for your group and allows you to have more input into the meals prepared for you by your own personal chef, and the itinerary of planned excursions along the route. The elaborate menus aboard ultra deluxe barges are beautifully presented on formal table settings and paired with carefully selected wines. 

Other amenities that are typically offered aboard Ultra Deluxe barges are:
  • Beautiful and relaxing sundecks with parasols or canopies that create some shade from the summer sun.
  • On some barges, a relaxing jacuzzi or a plunge pool on deck where you can take a dip to cool off at any time.
  • Indoor and outdoor dining and lounging areas that can be set up for you at a moment's notice so that you can enjoy alfresco dining on pleasant evenings.
  • Your own crew who will attend to your every need with high degree of efficiency and professionalism.
  • Your own personal chef who will create fresh, memorable and delicious meals using local and regional specialties that are purchased on a daily basis at local markets along the route.
  • On some barges, an open kitchen is available where you can watch the chef prepare your meals or even give a cooking class.
  • Top quality wines, sometimes even including Grand Cru and Premier Cru, are paired with each course.
  • A fully stocked bar with all of your favorite beverages.
  • The Prosperite has a 24/7 snack refrigerator that is always full of delicious treats and your favorite drinks, so you always have a snack available if you get hungry between meals.
  • La Nouvelle Etoile is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator for those with physical limitations.
  • La Nouvelle Etoile has a washer and dryer for passengers use, as well as satellite TV and internet in your own room with computers for passenger use in each cabin.
  • WiFi is now available on many barges for those who want to stay connected.
  • Public areas may also have CD/DVD's, library with reading material, writing desks and modern entertainment systems to keep you informed and entertained.
  • On board bicycles offer the opportunity to get some exercise on towpaths that follow along the canal route.
A relaxed elegance defines the ambiance and level of hospitality aboard these luxury vessels, and the experience is one that you will not forget. If you are interested in an Ultra Deluxe barge cruise experience, make sure to read more about these beautiful barges on the links provided below. Information about the barge, cruise routes, pricing, menu ideas and the many photographs will definitely convince, and entice you.

Ultra Deluxe Barge Accommodations
The 4-Passenger barge Alouette (CHARTER ONLY) cruises in the south of France (Southern Burgundy to Provence in early April, then moves to the Canal du Midi for the summer then back to Burgundy in late October.
The 6-Passenger barge Fleur de Lys cruises in the heart of Burgundy on the Canal de Bourgogne, the Saone River and the Canal du Centre.
The 6-Passenger barge Roi Soleil (CHARTER ONLY) cruises on the Canal du Midi in 2013
The 8-Passenger barge Amaryllis (CHARTER ONLY) cruise in the heart of Burgundy on the Canal de Bourgogne, the Saone River and the Canal du Centre.
The 8-Passenger barge C'est La Vie cruises on the Burgundy Canal in Northern Burgundy.
The 8-Passenger barge Enchante cruises on the Canal du Midi in the south of France.
The 8-Passenger barge Finesse cruises on the Burgundy Canal in Southern Burgundy.
The 8-Passenger barge La Nouvelle Etoile cruises in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France (Burgundy, Champagne and Alsace).
The 8-Passenger barge Prosperite (CHARTER ONLY) cruises on the Canal de Bourgogne in Southern Burgundy.
The 8-Passenger barge Renaissance cruises on the Canal de Briare in the Upper Loire.
The 12-Passenger barge Napoleon cruises between Southern Burgundy and Provence on the Rhone River.

Please do not hesitate to contact us  with any questions you may have. With thousands of satisfied  customers, we can help you select the best option for your barge cruise in France or the rest of Europe.

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